Friday, July 24, 2009

Popular Science Magazine Archives




Google books is amazing. A good example of a resource they have digitized (and made available for free!!!) is Popular Science Magazine. Although it may not be a common source in the social studies classroom, the topics covered in this magazine could provide the perfect opportunity to collaborate with teachers in the life, earth, and physical sciences. Users can browse issues from the 1870s to the present. Each issue is filled with technology that was cutting edge "back in the day" (e.g., check out what's new with televisions in September 1967). Also, the advertisements are very telling of the time, past and present. One suggestion for an activity is having students explore how different amenities evolved (and, in some cases, went extinct). Take agricultural practices, as an example. Or even better, have students explore contemporary topics such as energy use and production. They might be surprised to see that a cover from the 1920s (December 1923) that presents the potential for wind powering our cities. Furthermore, a more fuel efficient car isn't that new after all (February 1981).

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