Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Current (CURRENT) Events: The ISIS Threat

In less than two hours, President Obama will address the United States public about the current situation in the Middle East and present what White House officials have cited as a "comprehensive plan" for how the U.S. and its allies will address the ISIS threat. The subject has tremendous relevance to the American public and many teachers see it as an opportunity to help their students learn more about this very current event--if they only had time to develop a lesson with more depth than simply reading or watching news accounts.

I have found the Choices Program out of Brown University to be tremendously helpful with these types of topics. (I highlighted some of their government curriculum in a previous post.) So far, I have only taken advantage of their free materials and am signed up for their email notifications, which included yesterday's link to a free lesson plan, "ISIS: A New Threat." I've only had a brief chance to look at this free material; however, I consider it an invaluable resource for teachers because it at least gives them a starting point for bringing in such a current event immediately into their classroom.

Curriculum from Choices Program